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Dirt Cheap Duracell Batteries

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Apparently, there is an unmarked clearance sale on Coppertop Duracell batteries at Rite Aid.  I just picked up three 10-packs of batteries for $2.24 each at my local Rite Aid on the Upper West Side.  Batteries don’t keep forever, so don’t go too crazy!

Thanks Hip2Save!!

Review of

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In my last post I wrote about a potential new place to get groceries.  Well, I tried it, and I LOVE IT.

In order to get up to the “$40 in Savings” to get free delivery, I had to spend $150, which as anyone who has shopped at a Costco knows, is far to easy an amount to reach.  🙂  An added bonus is that for your 1st order, the company knocks off $50.  If the prices were good before, they are downright awesome after that!  So, for a mere $96, I recieved:

Organic Basil Leaves (2.85 oz)
Organic Rosemary Leaves (3.5 oz)
Organic Oregano Leaves (2.5 oz)
Sugar (10 pounds)
Low Fat Milk (1 gallon)
Shredded Cheddar/Monterey Jack Cheese (5 pounds)
Black Beans (six 15.5 oz cans)
Frito Lay chips (fifty 1 oz bags)
Tomato Sauce (twelve 15 oz cans)
Honey (80 oz)
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts(4.58 pounds)
Butter (16 4 oz sticks)
V-8 (twenty-eight 11.5 oz cans)

I ordered Friday night, and scheduled the delivery for Tuesday (as that was when was most convenient for me).  They showed up at 10:30, which was much earlier than I expected.  The person who was brining my groceries was very nice and went over my order to make sure nothing was missing.  Unfortunately, one of the items was in the wrong size (rather than twelve 15oz of tomato sauce it was one large 105 oz can).  I assumed the mistake to be mine (as I sometimes do silly things like that), so I did not mention it to the delivery person.  After he left I double checked and saw that it was actually their mistake.  I sent an e-mail and within minutes was told that they would correct this mistake. Sure enough, a few hours later, the delivery man was back at my door with the correct item.

So to sum up, great prices, great products, easy to use, and phenomenal customer service – I give it an A+.  I will be ordering again!  It’s obviously not a weekly grocery shopping type of experience (the whole point of buying bulk is so you do not have to shop weekly!), but I expect I’ll be ready for more in about 3 months.

I will add one thing I think could improve the service:  They should inform customers of the window of time in which to expect their order to arrive.  For me, it’s not a huge deal to have no idea what time a delivery is going up because I’m fortunate enough to work part time.  I can plan to spend entire days at home waiting for a delivery.  I know many other New Yorkers, however, are far more busy than I am and would need a hard and fast window.  I suppose the fact that they only deliver to doormen building helps deal with the issue of folks not being at home, but I’m not sure what they do in the case of an order with perishable items like milk and cheese.

Shop Costco in NYC?

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Trader Joe’s is where I most commonly shop, as they seem to have the best prices near me.  I’m finding though it’s hard to build a good stockpile when I can only buy as much as I can carry.  Too many times in the last few weeks I’ve had to make a special trip to get items that I use to keep stockpiled in the freezer (meat, butter, cheese, bread).  Which is why I’m intrigued by a company I just found while looking for the nearest Costco:  Monster Savings.  Apparently, what they do is shop at Costco for you, and as long as you buy enough stuff they delivery it for free.  They calculate the average cost of buying the items in a typical NYC grocery store, figure out how much you’d save by buying at Costco, and then split the savings with you.  It’s certainly cheaper than any other online grocery store (like freshdirect) that I’ve looked into in the past, and surprisingly, I’m finding some items are even cheaper than Trader Joe’s.  Does this mean I could purchase things at a price that doesn’t make me cringe, in bulk, AND delivered right to my door????

Here’s an interesting article about the company, which answers a question I had: Is this even legal?

$1.99 for Organic Strawberries!!!

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Friday only (today!) Whole Foods has Organic Strawberries for $1.99 per pound!

For conventionally grown strawberries, $1.99 per pound isn’t anything special.  For organic?  Well, I’ve never see a price this low before.  We have smoothies each morning for breakfast, so I keep my freezer pretty stocked with strawberries.  They are one of those dirty dozen produce items that I would like to buy organic, but the price is just SO much more, and we eat so many of them, that I just can’t ever bring myself to do it.  Which is why I’m so excited about this Whole Food Sale.  Finally, a price I don’t mind paying!

THANK YOU, thriftymama!

Cheap Flowers!

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How FUN!  Whole Foods is selling spring Tulips today, at a price of $12 for THIRTY!!  Mmmm, so tempted to rush over there.  I certainly don’t have a NEED for flowers right now, but I do love them, and that price sounds great!

Thanks for posting this up Savings Everyday!

Free Admission to the ArtExpo

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Do you use slickdeals?  I only started about a month ago, but in that time I’ve scored about 5 great deals.  This deal caught my eye just now:

Follow the instructions in the post to score some free tickets to this weekends ArtExpo (quantity is limited).  The event is located on 55th on the far West side of Manhattan.  Admission is regularly priced at $15 per person.  I’ve never been to this particular event, but I’ve gone to similar events and always find them to make for a great weekend activity.  It’s exciting to see such creativity and while we usually excersise great restraint, every now and then we can’t resist.  I still love the piece we picked up 2 years ago from CurtnerART.

I’m excited to check out the ArtExpo this weekend.  Maybe with the money saved on admission I can justify a little splurge!  😛

UPDATE:  Like everything else in NYC this art show was top notch… and top dollar.  No splurges, but I did play my favorite game of “What would you buy if you HAD to get something?”  I selected a gorgeous painting of a walkway with trees that felt very Central Parky (wish I had caught the artists name so I could link).  My second choice is any and everything from Ed Heck.


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Since moving to New York City two months ago, I have done several internet searches trying to hunt down the local frugalistas who can plug me in to all the good deals to be had.  To my dismay (and surprise), I really didn’t find much.  I’m certain that they do exist out there, and if you have one or know of one please, PLEASE share the link with me, but in the meantime I decided to start one of my own.  I’ve always been a journaler, and I love a good deal, so why not make this a sort of online journal just about my adventures learning how to coupon, find deals, and budget?  So… here we go!